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The Importance of Early Voting For the 2020 Election

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Civic Engagement Minneapolis MN

The first day of Early Voting for the 2020 Presidential Election started on September 18th in Minnesota, which means it’s time to start casting your vote soon if you haven’t already. Early Voting (or, Absentee Voting) has been crucial for helping people to participate and be active in our democracy who otherwise wouldn’t be able to vote due to various circumstances. However, during this election, Early Voting is going to be even more crucial than ever before in helping to ensure that everyone’s votes are counted. Civic Engagement Minneapolis MN

Here are some things to know about Early Voting, and why Early Voting is so important for the 2020 Election:

Voting By Mail & Safety From COVID-19

While Early Voting, or Absentee Voting, has always been an option for citizens who are wanting to vote, but due to various circumstances either can’t or prefer not to vote in-person on Election Day; due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Early Voting and voting by mail options will be crucial for allowing citizens to exercise their right to vote.

Since voting in-person on Election Day poses a potential health and safety risk, the State of Minnesota has been sending out voting information and absentee ballots to citizens who are eligible to vote so that they can exercise their right to vote without having to compromise their health or safety. This means that taking advantage of Early Voting and voting by mail options is going to be especially crucial for ensuring that everyone is allowed to vote in this election, and that everyone’s votes will be counted.

Making Sure Your Vote Counts

However, given the current state of affairs--between the COVID-19 pandemic and the United States’ current postal service crisis--there are many obstacles in place that may make it hard for people to ensure that their votes are actually being received and counted in time before the election. That’s why Minnesota state officials and leaders are urging citizens who are planning to vote absentee/vote by mail or vote in-person before election day to do so sooner as opposed to later.

Since there is a real risk that ballots that are mailed too close to the date of the election (November 3rd) may not be received in time and therefore not count towards the election results, it’s imperative that Minnesota citizens who are planning to vote take advantage of Early Voting and voting by mail, and either vote in-person before Election Day or mail their ballots in well before Election Day in order to ensure that their votes are properly counted.

Since all American citizens have the right to vote, it’s important to make sure that we are able to exercise that right and ensure that our votes are properly counted during the 2020 Presidential Election.

To learn more about how to get involved in politics, run for office, or simply to become more civically-engaged, feel free to contact your local political nonprofit organization in Minneapolis-St Paul MN, Ayada Leads, today!

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Civic Engagement Minneapolis MN

Civic Engagement Minneapolis MN

Civic Engagement Minneapolis MN

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