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Ayada Leads: Who We Are & What We Do

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Civic Engagement Nonprofit Minneapolis MN

Are you a woman looking to become more involved in politics, or are even thinking about running for office? Are you a New American who believes in the importance of political inclusion? If so, then we’re here to support you! As a non-partisan political nonprofit, it is our mission to empower women--particularly New Americans and women from the African diaspora--and help get them involved in politics, including helping them run for office. Civic Engagement Nonprofit Minneapolis MN

Here is a little information on who we are as an organization, what our purpose is, and what types of services and programs we offer:

Who We Are:

We are a Twin Cities-based civic engagement and civic leadership nonprofit organization that inspires and helps African Diaspora women participate meaningfully in political and civic life. By using a community-based approach, we provide resources and support for women, especially New Americans, to help them run for office and become engaged in civic matters. Our education programs are designed to help teach women about all aspects of politics and civics, including voting and participating in our democracy, how to become political leaders and activists in their communities and beyond, how to start and manage a political campaign, and so on.

What Our Purpose Is:

Our mission is to encourage New Americans, specifically African Diaspora women, to become confident leaders and role models in their communities, and to seek political inclusion in our democracy. Through the work that we do, we wish to achieve a fairer society and electoral environment that is unbiased towards female and minority candidates, and to create a democracy that is representative of all communities.

Our values and goals as an organization include: gender equality, female empowerment, political empowerment, and political inclusion, among other things. Our purpose is to show and support the political and social power of African Diaspora women and New Americans, and to incorporate their values and policies in the public sphere. We seek to show that passionate and committed community activists have the skill and talent needed to be in public office.

What We Do:

At Ayada Leads, we offer various types of programs in order to educate and support women who are looking to learn more about civic and political participation. Some of the programs and events we offer include:

Ayada Leads:

If you’re interested in learning more about politics and civic engagement, or are thinking about running for office, feel free to contact us today, or click here for more information about the programs and events we offer.

Our Service Locations:


Civic Engagement Nonprofit Minneapolis MN

Civic Engagement Nonprofit Minneapolis MN

Civic Engagement Nonprofit Minneapolis MN

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