Record Number of Women Nominated To Serve In Biden’s Cabinet

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This year’s inauguration was certainly a historic one as President Biden and Vice President Harris were sworn into office. Not only has Kamala Harris made history as the first woman--and, in addition, the first woman of color--to be elected as Vice President in the United States, but Joe Biden has also made history by nominating a record number of women, and, specifically, women of color, to his Cabinet. Political Nonprofits Minneapolis-St Paul MN

Most Women Ever Nominated For Cabinet

President Joe Biden has nominated 12 women, including 8 women of color, to serve in his Cabinet, and, if confirmed, it will break former President Bill Clinton’s record of 9 women serving in his Cabinet when he was president. After promising to choose a Cabinet that would be more representative of the constituents that the government is meant to serve, Joe Biden seems to be taking steps in the right direction by including a record number of women of color among his Cabinet nominations. If all of the women he has nominated for various Cabinet positions are confirmed, they will make history and the incoming Cabinet will be the most diverse Cabinet, and the Cabinet with the most women serving, in U.S. history.

The Women of Color Chosen To Serve In Biden’s Cabinet

As previously stated, among Biden’s 12 Cabinet nominee picks, 8 of them are women of color who have been nominated for various Cabinet positions. Here are some of the women of color who have been nominated to serve in President Biden’s Cabinet:

  • Linda Thomas-Greenfield nominated to serve as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

  • Marcia Fudge nominated to serve as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

  • Deb Haaland nominated to lead the Department of the Interior

  • Cecilia Rouse Chair nominated to lead the president’s Council of Economic Advisers

  • Isabel Guzman nominated to serve as Administrator of the Small Business Administration

  • Katherine Tai nominated to serve as U.S. Trade Representative

  • Neera Tanden nominated to serve as Director of the Office of Management and Budget

Needless to say, this has certainly been a historic start to the new administration and will hopefully continue to be historic with regards to women’s representation in government and politics.

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Political Nonprofits Minneapolis-St Paul MN

Political Nonprofits Minneapolis-St Paul MN

Political Nonprofits Minneapolis-St Paul MN

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