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Do you want to become more civically engaged? Have you ever considered running for office? Our Political Campaign Training is a rigorous, comprehensive training that is an essential primer on all facets of the political campaign process. Campaigning for public office is difficult, exhausting work. It is even harder if you don’t know what you’re doing. This program launches your campaign so that you have all the tools you need to be successful as a political candidate.

Register For Our July 26th Session Below:


Highlights of the Training:

  1. Campaign Strategy - Assessing the political landscape, setting campaign goals, overcoming obstacles

  2. Message Development - Creating powerful and persuasive messages, public speaking, candidacy launch, rules of engagement towards community and faith leaders

  3. Communications - Planning for social media, as well as ethnic & mainstream medias

  4. Fundraising & Budgeting - Developing fundraisers, building a database of prospective donors, high-donor phoning & making an ask, low-donor strategies like Meet & Greets and Direct Mailers, online fundraising, How to Budget Your Campaign

  5. Networking - Making connections, endorsements, leveraging your background/Identity, field operations and canvassing

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