Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all in person gathering will be temporarily suspended.

Born to Lead

Often time women of color candidates’ multiplicity of identities (race and gender, but also age,

class, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, ability/disability, and more) is overlooked, and the

media don’t cover these candidates’ unique and intersectional challenges in the campaign trail.

The media focuses on the effect of either gender or race on turnout but rarely address both in

relation to one another. Born to Lead is an event made by and for women of color (WOC)

candidates. The purpose of the event is to give WOC candidates the attention they deserve to celebrate their hard work, political ambition and intersectionality. In this platform the candidates share their motivations for running for public office and talk about their experiences in their campaign fields. Past alumnae found the event energizing and acknowledge how inspiring was to meet and connect with candidates who have had similar campaign experience.

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Bashaal gatherings create spaces for women of all backgrounds and identities to come together

and share critical information on leadership opportunities and challenges. African Diaspora

women are a long way from full representation in leadership positions including elected positions, board members and commissions, and C-suite in many companies. For women to advance in leadership roles, we need to activate social capital advantage through strong female support groups. Being in the space where women come together, share wisdom and stories,

connect personally and professionally, exchange ideas and collectively problem solve, is transformational. Research indicates the important benefits of women-led networking for supporting women’s path to leadership. Ayada Leads seeks to improve the talent pool and provide a space for women to support each other. A network tailored to women with shared

experiences is the best way to allow them to discuss and gain advice without judgement – this helps tackle the challenges women face in leadership positions. In this gathering-like in all our initiatives- the highlight is feminine leadership.