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From Desk of Ayada Leads: What's happening in Palestine- Israel?

What you should know

  • Palestinians have lived under oppressive military occupation for over 56 years which has subjected them to dehumanizing conditions in an apartheid state.

  • UN officials consider Gaza to be an “open-air prison.

  • The people of Gaza have consistently lived in military siege, daily violence, and collective punishment.

  • Following Hamas' attack on Oct. 7th, Gazan conditions have gotten worse in recent weeks with many Israeli civilians killed and violence escalating in the region.

  • Since Oct. 7th, more than 11,000 Palestinians have been killed, which is 1 out of 200 of the people in Gaza. The number of children reported killed in Gaza in just three weeks has passed the annual number of children killed across the world’s conflict zones since 2019.

  • There have been calls by the international community for an immediate ceasefire.

How you can act

  • Contact your congressional leaders and demand they push for a ceasefire now!

  • Amplify/boost Gazan journalists and civilians.

  • Support local divestments and boycotts.

  • Support Palestinian businesses.

  • Educate yourself, below are books recommended for learning about the Palestinian Occupation

  • Angela Davis – Freedom Is a Constant Struggle

  • Marc Lamont Hill – Except for Palestine the Limits of Progressive Politics

  • Naam Chamsky & Ilan Pappe – On Palestine

  • Rashid Khalidi – The Hundreds of Years War on Palestine

  • Donate to trusted charitable and humanitarian organizations providing aid including:

  • Islamic Relief

  • U.N.R.W.A

  • MATW

  • Medical Aid For Palestinians

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