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Women Who Lead: Political Campaign Training, Civic Literacy, & More

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Political Campaign Training Minneapolis MN

At Ayada Leads, it is our mission to inspire women of color to participate and be active in political and civic life. However, without the proper training and resources, it can be hard to do so. That’s why we provide special trainings and host community events in order to help connect women of color with the resources they need in order to become active political participants and leaders in their communities. Political Campaign Training Minneapolis MN

Here are some of the trainings and events we offer in order to help educate and support women of color who are looking to get more involved in politics and actively participate in civic life:

Political Campaign Training

At Ayada Leads, we offer a rigorous and comprehensive political campaign training that helps to educate women of color on all of the different facets of the political campaign process, including: campaign strategy, message development, communications, fundraising and budgeting, networking, and more. Our political campaign training is meant to give clarity on how the political and electoral processes work, and is meant to give women the tools they need in order to run a successful campaign for office.

Future Leaders in the Making Training

Our Future Leaders in the Making training aims to inspire girls and young women to become confident leaders in their communities, careers, and beyond. It is designed for ages 14-25, and the training works as such where our Future Leaders are paired with mentors from their community who will help them identify what it is they want to do or strive for, be it in terms of their education, careers, political ambitions, and so on, and help them to create attainable goals in order to realize their ambitions.

Voter Education & Civic Literary Training

Voting is crucial to our democracy, and one of the few ways that citizens are able to voice their opinions and have influence over the decisions that affect our everyday lives. However, in the United States, voter participation is relatively low compared to other countries, which is why one of our missions is to inform and educate eligible voters--particularly women of color voters--so that they can voice their opinions and have influence over the decisions that affect them and their communities.

At Ayada Leads, we connect first-time voters with important information like how and where to vote, voter rights and responsibilities, candidates and issues on the ballot, the recognition of voter disenfranchisement, and primary and caucusing processes. Our voter education and civic literacy training helps women of color, and particularly African diaspora women and New Americans, learn how to monitor and influence public policy, which in turn helps to instill democratic values and feelings of political efficacy in participants.

Female Leadership Events:

Lastly, we also offer female empowerment and female leadership events, such as Born To Lead events and Bashaal events. Both types of events provide a platform and space for women to come together and learn more about leadership opportunities, share information, and support one another in their political endeavors, such as running for public office, and more.

To learn more about the trainings and events we offer, feel free to contact your local civic engagement nonprofit organization in Minneapolis MN, Ayada Leads, today.

Ayada Leads:

If you’re interested in learning more about politics and civic engagement, or are thinking about running for political office, feel free to contact us today, or click here for more information about the programs and events we offer.

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Political Campaign Training Minneapolis MN

Political Campaign Training Minneapolis MN

Political Campaign Training Minneapolis MN

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