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10 Ways to improve life.

Times can get hectic and our days can be hard. Caring for ourselves in the smallest ways can make a huge difference in how we live our day to day lives.

Many people have found having a routine helps them tremendously but not many speak of how hard it can get after a while. You get tired and you feel like you aren’t doing anything different, the days all look and feel the same.

With these 10 steps; you might be able to find time for yourself amidst the chaos and you’ll have the strength and energy needed to continue on.

  1. Journaling.

Not in the sense that you write about every detail of your day because that is hard to do but writing about your emotions throughout the day and how you felt and the things that made you feel.

2. Mind, body and soul.

Maintaining a healthy body and a sound and sane mind help build the foundation in which you will develop and refine your skills. The Japanese refer to this as “Shin-Gi-Tai” and the framework can be mapped to the Fogg Behavior Model.

3. Focus on the now!

Personally, I get wrapped up in the future whether it’s the day after or 5 years from now. Cherish the little things about your days and yourself because it will be of tremendous help.

4. Time management.

Some people like to take their time when it comes to doing things and they end up being rushed or missing deadlines because they focused on one thing for a long time. Create a schedule that works for you and check the boxes off as you go.

5. Communicate.

You’ll find that talking through things can be very relieving. Talk about everything yet nothing. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and don’t be scared of your emotions. They are you after all.

6. Rest.

Whether it is getting a full 8 hours or sleep or taking a 30 minute nap. Listen to your body and care for it. Resting can be anything that allows you to feel rejuvenated.

7. Are you feeling stuck? What can you do to change it?

Feeling stagnant can be difficult to deal with, especially when you feel as if what you are doing and the goal you are working toward isn’t getting any closer. Ask yourself what you want to change. Start with the small things, take it slow.

8. Goals.

Setting attainable goals that are realistic can help increase your productivity and help you achieve your goals much faster.

9. Kindness.

Be kind to yourself and others. Practice compassion and sincerity. It goes a long way to say that what goes around comes back around so use that as a way to remind yourself that an act of kindness will not only help you feel good about yourself but it can also change someone else’s day and perspective.

10. Ikigai.

Definition; Live with purpose and passion. Devote yourself to the things you enjoy and it will lead you to a sense of fulfillment. It is said in Japan that people who have a purpose in life live longer.

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