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Women of Color Working To Change the Criminal Justice System

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Political Organizations Minneapolis MN

At Ayada Leads, we are happy to announce that one of our very own board members, Huda Ahmed, will be spearheading the initiative for criminal justice reform in Minnesota by working with other prominent organizations in the Twin Cities in order to help fix and transform our broken criminal justice system. (Reference article listed below.) Political Organizations Minneapolis MN

Organizations such as Greater Twin Cities United Way, the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation, and The Minneapolis Foundation will be collaborating and working with leaders in our community with the goal of coming up with and enacting comprehensive plans that will be aimed at reforming the criminal justice system in our state.

And leading these efforts will be none other than Ayada Leads’ board member, Huda Ahmed, who has been hired as the director of this initiative and will be collaborating with various organizations and other community leaders in order to support criminal justice reform.

The initiative seeks to help create a justice system that operates fairly and equally towards everyone--regardless of their race or background--who moves through the system, and not on systemic racism, oppression, and racial profiling. Some of the points that the coalition seeks to address and change include matters concerning disciplinary action, pre-trial proceedings, sentencing, and supervised release.

The coalition of organizations seeks to work closely with community leaders of color who are the ones who have historically been oppressed and unfairly treated by law enforcement and the justice system in order to help build a new criminal justice system.

From all of us at Ayada Leads, we would like to congratulate Huda Ahmed on her new position as the director of this initiative and express how proud we are of her. We hope that Huda’s position as the director and one of the leaders tackling criminal justice reform will inspire other women of color in our community to join her in helping to reshape and transform our justice system.

Click here to read more about Huda Ahmed’s collaboration with other prominent Twin Cities organizations to transform the criminal justice system and to help rebuild communities of color that have been negatively impacted:

Ayada Leads:

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Political Organizations Minneapolis MN

Political Organizations Minneapolis MN

Political Organizations Minneapolis MN

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