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Voter Turnout & Early Voting In The 2020 Election

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Political Organizations Twin Cities Minnesota

With the 2020 election only a few days away, many are speculating what the final voter turnout rate will be overall during this election compared to previous elections. While the voter turnout rates in the United States have typically been low (usually between 50% and 60% for presidential elections), many are speculating that the voter turnout rates for this year’s election may be record-breaking. Political Organizations Twin Cities Minnesota

Here is some information on the voter turnout rates for early voting and for young voters so far during this year’s election and what type of an overall voter turnout rate we can perhaps expect for this year’s election:

High Early Voting Turnout

Despite the 2020 election still being a few days away, the United States has already seen record-high voter turnout when it comes to Early Voting. In fact, more than 80 million eligible voters in America have already cast their votes, with many more votes still needing to be counted from mail-in and drop-off ballots. This is exponentially higher than the 19 million pre-election votes that were cast in the 2016 election, and early votes in the United States have already reached 57% of what the total voting was in 2016 as well.

Voter Turnout Among Young People

Another trend we’ve been seeing is a huge surge of young people turning out to vote in this year’s Early Voting. While young people have historically had lower voter turnout rates compared to middle-aged and senior voters in the United States, this year’s election is seeing record-high voter turnout rates for young people.

Polls have been showing that a much higher percentage of young people have reported that they’re planning to vote in this year’s election and many of them already have. Moreover, a significant percentage of young voters who didn’t vote in the 2016 election have reported to have already voted in this year’s election.

Voter Turnout Predictions For The 2020 Election

With the high voter turnout rates and the high youth voter turnout rates in mind, many analysts are speculating that the 2020 election may see the highest voter turnout rate that we’ve seen in decades. Some are even anticipating as much as a 65% voter turnout rate for this year’s election, and others are speculating that it could perhaps be even higher than that.

With record-high voter registration rates, record-high Early Voting turnout rates, and high youth voter turnout rates, it seems possible that the 2020 election may prove to have the highest voter turnout rate in decades.

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Political Organizations Twin Cities Minnesota

Political Organizations Twin Cities Minnesota

Political Organizations Twin Cities Minnesota

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