Racial Equity

What is racial equity? Racial Equity is a situation in which people of all races and ethnicities are treated in an equal manner despite any differences in physical traits. This is when institutions give individuals all the support they need.

Many teachers who are women of color are being laid off despite school districts claiming they want more teachers of color. One of these teachers was Qorsho Hassan who won Teacher of the Year award in 2020 shortly after Burnsville School district laid her off.

Many organizations such as ours is training women leaders on how to excel in their leadership roles and are striving for inclusivity and representation for women of color. However, incidents such as mistreatment and being forsaken in the workforce is affecting said organizations when women of color aren’t given the same opportunities and respect as their white counterparts.

The mental health and overall well being of teachers has declined since Covid-19 started.

New research has also proven that there’s an "invisible tax" that teachers of color pay in this field, in addition to the overall stress of being a teacher during a pandemic. This "invisible tax" is when BIPOC teachers are expected to shoulder the responsibilities of serving as school disciplinarians based on the assumption that they can better communicate with students of color.

There’s a a lot of importance in having a diverse teaching force. While there’s a higher proportion of students of color, teachers of color make up only 18% of the faculties. In order to address this problem, school districts need to focus on retaining their teachers of color as research conducted by the American Federation of Teachers shows that although teachers of color are being hired more than in the past, they’re leaving the profession quicker than white teachers.

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